COVID-19 Updates

Please click the links below for detailed updates on our suspended season.

Some key points:

  • All regional rounds are suspended until the current health crisis subsides.
  • The 2020 theme ("A World Renewed") will be extended through 2021.
  • Scholars graduating in 2020 will remain eligible to participate through 2021.
  • The Dubai, Melbourne, and Prague Global Rounds will not be taking place on their original dates.
  • The new Chengdu Mini-Global Round is scheduled for August 10-14. Registration is open through our colleagues in China at ASDAN.
  • We still anticipate holding a tournament at Yale this November; it is likely to be more of an open global gathering rather than a traditional "ToC".
  • A first-ever winter global round may follow, if the situation permits.

Wherever you may be, please stay well, and know that we hope to see you again soon.